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San Antonio Guardianship Attorneys Serving All Of South Texas

As our loved ones get older, they often become unable to make sound decisions for themselves. Sadly, this makes them vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and neglect. Establishing guardianship is one way of protecting the health, dignity and estate of an elderly loved one.

At The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza P.C., we help families navigate the complex process of establishing and maintaining guardianship. If you have a family member who has become legally “incapacitated” and unable to make sound decisions, we can help you initiate Texas guardianship proceedings. With offices in San Antonio, our guardianship attorneys advise and represent clients throughout South Texas.

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Understanding Guardianship

These days, people are living much longer lives. In response, Texas has developed an entire body of law to address families’ guardianship concerns.

These are some important terms to understand about guardianship in Texas:

  • Ward — This is the legal term for an “incapacitated person” who has been placed under guardianship. In most cases, the ward is an elderly person who is no longer able to make sound decisions regarding their own health and finances. In other cases, a ward may be a minor child who lost both parents and needs someone else to make financial and personal welfare decisions on the child’s behalf. In either situation, there is a legal process for establishing guardianship of a ward.
  • Guardian — This is the person who has been appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of the ward. Depending on the circumstances and the wishes of the family, there may be more than one appointed guardian. The decisions made by the guardian may relate to the ward’s personal well-being, the ward’s finances, or both.

How Is The Guardianship Process Started?

The court has multiple requirements for establishing guardianship. One of the initial requirements is a letter from a doctor that demonstrates that your loved one is incapacitated. A guardianship lawyer at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza P.C. can help you present all the necessary documentation to the court. We have extensive experience in guardianship, conservatorship and probate proceedings.

Alternatives To Guardianship

We offer comprehensive estate planning services, including alternatives to guardianship. For example, powers of attorney may be a viable alternative to the guardianship process, but it is important to create powers of attorney sooner rather than later.

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