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Child Custody & Visitation

Texas Child Custody Attorney

A San Antonio law firm dedicated to helping families address child custody disputes during divorce.

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To say that the Law Offices of Roland R. Esparza knows the law is an understatement. Our experience is richer than the more than 16 years we have provided legal service to our community. Our lead attorney, Roland R. Esparza, has served as a judge. In other words, we truly know the law, and we know how to make it work for you in your child custody and visitation case.

Two Ways to Resolve Child Custody Disputes

There are essentially two ways to come to a resolution in a custody dispute:

  • Mediation: You can work with your former spouse to design a plan that works for both of you.
  • Litigation: If you and your former spouse are unable to reach an agreement, we will help you get results in the courtroom.

Our lawyer can help you determine which way makes more sense in your case.

Types of Child Custody

Many different options exist for child custody arrangements and parenting time plans. There is sole custody, in which one parent has the majority of control. There is also joint custody, in which control is shared between the two parents.

Custody can be broken down into the parent who has primary custody, and the other parent who has possessory rights. Primary custody refers to where the child will reside. Possessory rights refer to the right of the parent to make decisions about the child’s school, health care and other similar matters.

Carefully Handling Child Custody Disputes

Roland Esparza is knowledgeable when it comes to how these cases are handled and the steps that are involved. For example, one critical step that often takes place in custody cases is a social study.

We know how to examine these types of studies to either support or contest their accuracy. We know how to make your position as a parent clear. We know how to pursue what is in your best interest and your child’s best interest.

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