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San Antonio Child Support Arrears Lawyer

Helping parents handle both sides of the issue regarding nonpayment of child support throughout South Texas.

It can be difficult for the custodial parent to get the child support he or she was promised from the noncustodial parent. Whether it is because the noncustodial parent has had a change in circumstances or he or she simply refuses to pay, there are remedies available to get the money you need to support your children.

At the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., we assist parents who need to collect late payments of child support, and we defend parents who are behind on payments.

Harsh Penalties For Those Who Do Not Keep Up-To-Date On Child Support

The state of Texas is tough on “deadbeat parents” who do not help pay for their children’s well-being. Parents who are late on support payments are subject to immediate penalties.

If one month of child support payments are missed, that payment automatically starts accruing interest for nonpayment and that amount is reduced to a judgment against the noncustodial parent. Additionally, the parent responsible for paying the child support may be subject to an enforcement action, may be held in contempt and jailed, may have a levy placed on his or her bank account, or may have his or her driver’s license or passport privileges suspended.

Ways To Collect Child Support For Custodial Parents

If your spouse has failed to pay his or her child support, our San Antonio child support arrears attorney has several different remedies that he can employ to ensure that you receive the money you are due. With the proper documentation, he can:

  • Place a lien against your former spouse’s bank account or personal injury award
  • Have your former spouse’s driver’s license, professional license or other licenses suspended
  • Seek a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) on your former spouse’s retirement account

He will fight aggressively to see that you receive the money you were promised as part of your divorce decree.

Preventing Noncustodial Parents From Being Taken Advantage Of

If your spouse is falsely accusing you of nonpayment of child support or you have fallen behind on your payments and need to file a modification of court orders because of a significant change in your situation, we will defend you using every available legal defense within the bounds of the law.

San Marcos Overdue Child Support Attorney

Roland R. Esparza has more than 23 years of experience as a lawyer and served as a judge for the city of San Antonio for six years. He will use this insight from both sides of the bench to give you a fair assessment of your situation and help you anticipate what may happen in your case.

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