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Our first priority is our client’s health and safety. Due to COVID-19 our office is taking precautions to keep our clients and their families safe. We have expanded our options for remote consultations. Please contact our office to discuss whether a phone consultation or video conference (FaceTime or Zoom) is appropriate for you. Thank you.

San Antonio Child Support Liens Lawyer

Finding specific remedies to acquire back child support for families all over South Texas.

Parents may agree to certain requirements during the divorce process, and then find they are unable to comply with those agreements, or simply refuse to follow through, after the divorce is finalized.

At the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., we pursue past-due child support for parents who have not received it, and we defend against accusations of nonpayment of child support or attempts to collect child support arrears.

Tough Laws Affect Those Who Do Not Pay For Their Children’s Upkeep

If your former spouse is unable to pay or is refusing to pay child support, one of the many remedies our lawyer can use to collect your money is a lien on his or her bank account.

Once you have provided the proper information, we will submit a petition for enforcement of court orders and collection of past-due child support by requesting that the responsible party be held in contempt, jailed and/or fined. If an enforcement by contempt is not available, we can consider placing a notice of lien on the responsible party’s bank account. If no objection is made within the proper time allowed by law we will request that the account be levied.

Our family law attorney can represent you even if the Attorney General for the State of Texas has filed your case. Our attorney may often be able to file your case faster or more efficiently than the Texas Attorney General.

If your former spouse is expecting an award in a personal injury case, we can place a lien against that as well. One way or another, we will assure that you receive the money you are due.

False Accusations Must Be Defended

If you have paid your child support but your former spouse is accusing you of failure to pay, or if you are unable to pay your child support and you need to request a modification of court orders, we will defend you and prevent your bank account from being depleted.

The law allows for certain defenses for allegations of unpaid child support. We will make sure to avail to you all possible defenses under your circumstances. Our family law attorney will defend you whether the case is filed by a private attorney or the Attorney General for the State of Texas.

Our San Antonio child support liens attorney knows how to negotiate these issues so that your account is not drained.

New Braunfels Nonpayment Of Child Support Attorney

Roland R. Esparza is a former judge for the city of San Antonio. He has an in-depth understanding of the legal system, and he is intimately acquainted with the family law statutes surrounding child support.

He will use this knowledge to help you assess your situation and give you a good idea of what may happen in your case.

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