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Texas Divorce Lawyer

Difficult decisions about your family require experienced legal counsel…

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Few married couples in Texas plan for divorce. When a spouse decides to end a marriage, the dissolution results in hurt feelings, acrimony and disputes both lengthy and expensive requiring a court-imposed solution. At the San Antonio law offices of Texas divorce lawyer Roland R. Esparza can help you cut through the bad feelings to find common ground.

We will work closely with you to identify your goals, protect your rights and preserve your relationship with your children. At the Law Offices of Roland R. Esparza P.C., we understand the difficult emotional nature of a Texas divorce or child custody dispute and have helped hundreds of families resolve their differences and embark and on a new beginning.

  • Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): At the Law Offices of Roland R. Esparza P.C., we are strong advocates for negotiated agreements without the involvement of the courts. We believe that a mediated or collaborative result saves time, saves money and allows for a better relationship between former partners, especially when children are involved. We are, however, experienced divorce trial attorneys capable of defending your interests at all levels of the state courts.

  • Uncontested Divorce: The services of a skilled Texas divorce lawyer are a necessity, even when both parties agree on issues related to finances and the care of minor children. San Antonio, TX Family attorney Roland R. Esparza can carefully draft, review and file all legal documentation to ensure that it is legally sound and does not have the potential for future disputes.

  • Military Divorce / Interstate – International: Our firm can assist United States military personnel with family interests in Texas seeking to resolve issues of divorce, child custody, child support / arrears and other matters. In addition, we also assist clients throughout Texas seeking to take legal action against current or former spouses currently residing outside of Texas and internationally.

  • Child Support / Child Custody – Visitation: Joint vs. Sole? Physical vs. legal? Outmoded assumptions about child custody, support and parenting have been replaced by the idea that any parent willing to take an active role in their child’s life should have the right to do so. The sad truth, however, is that during a divorce, a spouse may choose to use a child as a “bargaining chip” to secure additional financial compensation or control. This attitude results in acrimony between parents and is ultimately harmful to the child as they witness years of litigation and hurt feelings. Texas divorce lawyer Roland R. Esparza has over twelve years practical experience developing child custody and support agreements that are both mutually beneficial to parents and always in the best interest of the child.

  • Modification – Enforcement – Termination of Decrees:

  • “Community Property” Issues: What constitutes pre and post-marital assets and how it can be equitably distributed is a hazy area of Texas law that should be decided with the help of an experienced San Antonio divorce lawyer who can correctly interpret property laws and ensure that your agreement is legally sound.

  • Asset Division / Protection

  • Debt Allocation

  • Effects of Divorce on a Business / Tax Issues

  • Estate planning / Retirement Plan Distribution

  • Alimony / Spousal Support

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San Antonio divorce attorney Roland R. Esparza is available today to discuss your current or pending Family Law issues in either English or Spanish. Please review our Web site and CONTACT our staff via phone or eMail to schedule an appointment.

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