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San Antonio Child Custody Modifications Lawyer

Helping people make modifications to court orders to accommodate changes in their lives, throughout South Texas.

Life will change after a divorce. Children will grow older, schedules will change, and people’s needs and ability to pay may be different. Any major alteration in circumstances may require a modification of court orders.

At the Law Office of Roland R. Esparza, P.C., we help people who are seeking modifications of court orders, and we defend against modifications of court orders.

When Circumstances Change, Your Court-Ordered Agreements Can Be Altered

If you have lost your job and are paying child support, have been unable to find a job and are receiving spousal maintenance, or your children have grown up and their schedules are no longer easy to accommodate, you may want to petition the court for a modification of court orders. You must show a material and substantial change in circumstances for the court to grant a modification.

Our San Antonio child custody modifications attorney handles modifications of court orders involving:

Preventing Your Former Spouse’s Life Changes From Affecting You

If your spouse is requesting a modification of court orders that you do not agree with or that will affect you substantially, you have the right to argue against it. Whether it is a request for modifications to your visitation arrangement, he or she claims to be unable to pay the full amount of child support or spousal maintenance, or he or she is requesting more money, we will investigate the reason behind the petition to see if the change in circumstances is substantial enough to warrant the modification. We will present our arguments in your favor and protect your current arrangements.

San Marcos Child Support Modifications Attorney

Roland R. Esparza has experience on both sides of the bench. He spent six years as a judge for the city of San Antonio, and he has been in practice as a lawyer for more than 23 years. He will use this insight to give you an honest assessment of what may happen in your case and what the results may be. Mr. Esparza will fight to protect your rights and to meet your goals.

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