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Our first priority is our client’s health and safety. Due to COVID-19 our office is taking precautions to keep our clients and their families safe. We have expanded our options for remote consultations. Please contact our office to discuss whether a phone consultation or video conference (FaceTime or Zoom) is appropriate for you. Thank you.

Probate Administration

Texas Probate Administration Lawyer

Experienced legal guidance to ensure that your wishes are honored during probate

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The simplest way to avoid problems during Texas probate, or the legal validation of your will and distribution of your assets, is to create a flexible and legally sound estate plan that clearly spells out your wishes for asset division and the care of minor children. The Texas probate code is complex and often confusing. Mistakes made during probate could result in excessive estate taxes, loss of property and costly disputes between family members during an already sad time.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in guiding families through the Texas probate process, ensuring that the wishes of the decedent are upheld and that disputes are resolved or avoided altogether. Our legal staff at The Law Office of Roland R. Esparza P.C. is well-versed in the Texas probate code and will ensure that all documents, including final I.R.S. tax returns, are properly drafted, reviewed and filed.

When disputes arise or a will is contested, we can negotiate and, if necessary, litigate before the courts to secure a timely, cost-effective resolution for your family. In addition, we will work with executors and administrators to correctly implement the estate plan during probate and will ensure that any minor children are delivered to new homes with care and compassion.

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For comprehensive, experienced legal representation during Texas probate administration, please review our services and then CONTACT San Antonio probate attorney Roland R. Esparza today for a complimentary consultation and review of probate services.

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